It is said, that when you laugh or just smile, you add some minutes of life. This is some hypothesis that has some truth in it but it all depends with an individual. A smile talks about someone including one’s personality. However, there are different types of smiles that one can make hence indicate what one is feeling. Whatever the case, a smile must be what everyone in the society should wear on the face to give the feeling of love and appreciation to everyone that surrounds you therefore making the society a better place to be.

A smile can be a solution to any kind of hardship in even at your work place. For instance, when a nurse smiles at a very sick person it gives them hope of getting well soon. When you smile at a baby, it tends to have some trust in you therefore let you hold it. It does not hurt to smile in fact, when you smile, you tend to look younger and present a better personality in you. A frown calls for old age and in fact, it gives a bad picture of you even when it is not the case.
Therefore, it is important to keep on smiling since that way you will think and act positively. Secondly, when you smile, you call for better opportunities in life. This mostly happens in times when you need to look for better job opportunities. When you learn to smile a lot, you will have the peace in mind body and soul hence live a contented life. You are likely to promote health when you are happy this happens since the body tends to refrain from any form of illnesses. When you are happy, you are likely to attract good people into your life who later play great roles in your life. Therefore, ensure to remain happy always and do not let the smile fade away no matter what.